Warwick Folk Festival 2013 /UK/

Under an english blue sky:
There was a blue van nearby coming from Tibet:)
Found the guitar on the grass…
Tuned the guitar and…
bumped into some morris #flowerpower folkish men:morris
Some old flute & bowl sessions meanwhile, just before getting the new flute;)

Some english real folk theatre popular culture performance. Ps: I have already pending on the question about #nation-alism …Igor shut-up…but still in my mind je-je. Ps2: St.George please keep the sword in peace, much better this way.
Having a great time with friends from Oxford also playing some stuff.
mark&igor rehearsaling
Here with my «bozouki» friend, Mark Atherton, after I played three tunes:

I started with a poem that is called Any Roof as an intro of the almost traditional basque song, that actually is not, called 4 Roofs by basque pop-folk-rock band named Itoiz.

Then I went into the Simple Man (cover version tune from Eef Barzelay)
I finished with Exit.

Great time with friends too, j, j & m. Thanks Cheersthen:)
/m. with the new «bozouki»;) / j. with a new flute/ Sellers more happy than anybody else ;)))) Come back home
mark julie jo oxford
And finally,
we said goodbye to the st.george blue sky, here in #England 😉 ps: Any doubt, that we are in #England ? ;))))
hat stgeorge