#LiberateOurMindsByAnyMeansNecessary : #SayItToMeNow

Yesterday I listened Glen in Rough Trade Records, Brick Lane, West London. We talked. He signed in my notebook. We talked about «our» place, his place…that I started using without knowing him. Yesterday we discovered why we have been singing in this place, grafton and my arcade market.

The Frames – Say It To Me Now
Fitzcarraldo you go fast. Fitzcarraldo, you «Sing it out…fill the street with your voice, your light…BigLove».

Scratching at the surface now
And I’m trying hard to work it out
And so much has gone misunderstood
This mystery only leads to doubt
And I’m looking for a sign

In this dark uneasy time

So if you have something to say
Say it to me now

And I’m not trying to pass the buck
I’m just trying to get a better look
And I’m wondering how it feels for you
Now that the shoe is on the other foot
And I didn’t understand
When you reached down to take my hand

And if you have something to say
You’d better say it now

Cause this is what you’ve waited for
A chance to even up the score
And as these shadows fall on me now
I will somehow

Cause I’m clearing up this wreckage Lord
And there’s more than you’ve ever seen before

So if you have something to say
Say it to me now

Glen Hansard – Love Don’t Leave Me Waiting