You are in a festival.
You are with many people around.
That these people is creating some creative stuff.
That they are some empty bookshops.
That all is about #consumption.
And #consumption is not in fashion anymore.

You sing, you drink some guinness and some stranger drinks a red wine.
All this noise is just a useless noise.
And the one you need is just go and fill the street.

Useless singing.
Useless me & you.

Perfume Genius – Normal Song

Songs, are this delicate piece of tune that is not easily replace by anything else.
Even by you or even by me.

Useless singing.
No matter how it is said.
No matter, where or when.
But, I know:
I will find the way, anyway.

(Because, we all are floating.
All of us are floating in this water. All Waters.
Perfume Genius – All Waters
Stupid me, stupid you.
Stupid f***ing life that makes us such a different people in this crazy world. When we all want #bliss
The point we never know how to make it at the same time & place
Muse – Bliss)