«Thievery Corporation» Live. San Francisco (USA) 20/June/2008″

Now, I can understand one day I discovered this electronic mixture couple-band: Thievery Corporation.
Nowadays, saying that someone discovered Thievery Corporation as a band is just a big stupidity. Basically due to you can bump into them anywhere. They are in Loreak Mendian, in any airport, of course in any kind of lounge-style pub or bar…EVERYWHERE.
But mean I was seeing the gig in a really huge and open greek theatre, I realized that the first electronical band I recognize and integrated in my «very important bands» category was Thievery Corporation.
Each vocalist for each song. A really cultural mixture, with India, Marokko, Brasil, Bronx,…in some music tracks. Really a colourful, unique piece and dance encouraged music gig.
And Greek Theatre a really wonderful venue. (Very soon Sigur Ros! I cannot miss it). 😉