«The Joshua Tree» Dessert. South California. (USA)

It is really hot. 114 Fº. Dessert.
I am listening this really
amazing record that I bought in Frudisk record shop in Donostia
(nowadays desappeared). I was 11 years old. And 22 years after, I am
coming and playing in the white car…all those tunes: Bullet the Blue
Sky, In God’s Country, Running to Stand Still and Where Streets Have No
To be honest, I’ve started thinking every tune needs to be
listened in the place that has been created. The sensation is more
powerful and real. And this dessert is gorgeous.
Thousand and thousand of Joshua Trees, anywhere.
And really hot.
But not hard. (Strange isn’t it?)
I cannot stand with so hot weather. But I can be here.
And I will go again to the «Dessert Sky, in the God’s Country.»
Let’s try. I am going. Follow me.
«Bullet the Blue Sky»«Running to Stand Still»

«Where streets have no name»

«In God’s Country»

C u soon, again.