«Death Cab for Cutie» Live Berkeley-California (USA) 21/June/2008″

Now, I could understand how a band from Seattle in the first impression it didn’t impress me a lot.
you know, the place always counts. (In our Basque City, Hondarribi,
Getxo,…Why? Because tend to self-develop the liking with the same
kind of people, affinity, web 2.0. and 3.0. and so on. -Maybe this is
just a comment more for www.igorcalzada.com The othere side. But this
way, the circle just closes.-)
What I want to tell is that band did impress me a lot. Each member of
the group in his position: Bass player (really good man) and the
drumer, really good technique. With this rythmical bases, guitars and
vocals can surf easily and make good tunes.
*Specially: I will posses your heart. Really amazing.

Let’s listen.

Redvic Bar, Haight-Ashbury Street. San Francisco-California, 21nd June 2008.