We all are irish in St. Patricks: Harcourt Arms, Oxford. 17th March 2013. #Chamelions @FasTFatum

Yesterday was St. Patricks day, everywhere. Even in Oxford, at Harcourt Arms pub (our temple every sunday eve) and I bumped into Mark, great guy. He encouraged me to play and then Nigel saw me from the music equipment (busy man, good technician&musician). Both of them good people.
I arrived thinking at Harcourt Arms in a song, that I could sing «Chamelions», remembering friends from Donegal (James, Sarah & Finola) also Ennistymon (Jackie & Fergus) and so on, exchanging messages from early in the morning. Good mood, better singing atmosphere.
I made it:
Captura de pantalla 2013-03-18 a la(s) 23.29.59 (2)Mainly because I also remember this song was recorded in Ennistymon, Co.Clare Art Gallery Studios in August 2011, with the great technician (musician too!) Quentin Cooper (in the arrangements doing a big job with instruments, mandolin, banjo and so on). (Ireland)
And in St.Patrick’s day, everyone could be irish: I was a Green Chamelion, like the audience, Green Chamelions for one night.
Ps: This song was written in Tokyo it is why in the chorus it says «Dreaming with Chamelions in Tokyo» when Tokyo is everywhere in St. Patricks; you did not need to look for chamelions. There are plenty of them, green chamelions:) Like you & me.

Then, Mark Atherton played with Nigel Brown. Good pints, good st.patricks, good singing, better people.

Sigur Ros in Manchester 3rd March 2013

I arrived 2 hours earlier. Not a big queu. But quiet, people in it. Now weird not posh not…alternatives. Just people.
3500 people gathered in the gig. Almost lots of them on the seating section. I was in stalls. But I started the guest artist in the seating highest seat of the O2Apollo venue. Then I went back to the Stalls…to the hell….and Seaglopur.
Just Icelandic great earthly strenght from somewhere.
Manchester «music expert» audience…was quiet and stuck. Maybe, because they do not know what to do with such as big musical hurricane.
Icelandics gave us, and specially to the Manchester «posh» audience a great demostration about how music could be understood and show in a broad audience, while pictures, movements and a big amount of musical arragements details could be played, like in a icelandic aurora boreal vast constellation.
We all stuck.
The one with soul&heart, were delighted.
Takk Takk Sigur Ros to let us dream, to ever dream.